Quality Confirmed

CPI is at the forefront of new technologies and our payment solutions are designed to the highest standards and are known for being highly reliable and innovative.

Innovative Solutions

CPI also offers innovative solutions for both closed and public site cashless. The benefits of both cash and cashless payment options available at a single POS in closed site locations.


The all new Cash Flow series can be fully integrated with your existing field base and the bezels can accept up to 5 different types of payments: notes, chip and/or magstripe cards, contactless cards and NFC technology.

are the brands currently available in the EMEA Vending Market and all of our products are designed and developed with one objective in mind: to make you more money!

In this section you’ll find all the products available for Vending, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, or need a more specialized solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.