Bill Payment Kiosks

While it all started with mobile top-up, bill payment kiosks today enable payment for a plethora of services. That said, all types of bill payment kiosk have the same basic need: accept payment, mostly of banknotes, using a secure banknote validator with a high acceptance rate and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Bank Branch Transformation Kiosks

When it comes to bank branch evolution, the world is a dichotomous place. In some countries, bank branch penetration is high and banks are retrenching and reconfiguring their branch layouts to reduce operational costs and adapt to evolving client tastes.

Alternative Financial Services Kiosk

Alternative Financial Services (AFS) remain popular among large swaths of unbanked and underbanked populations around the globe. While perhaps the best-known segment of AFS is the wire transfer business, AFS covers a host of other services such as check cashing, payday lending and pawn.

No matter what your kiosk application is, GVV has the cash payment product you need. Our devices automate banknote and coin payment and change-giveback securely, efficiently and reliably. 

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