Casino Gaming

Operators increase their revenues when switching to Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) due to higher acceptance rates, customer friendly features and reduced total cost of ownership.


AWP, VLT, table games, betting and amusement halls and casinos across the globe are benefiting from using Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) products. 

Industries We Serve

We specialise in both the Casino Gaming & Amusement fields and pride ourselves with cutting edge new developments. 

For the global gaming market, we produce products for automated gaming and cash handling machines for AWP, VLT, betting halls, amusement games, casino slot machines and redemption kiosks.


Our products consistently deliver high acceptance rates combined with high security in the most demanding situations.


Whether your need is to validate, accept and pay out bills or coins – CPI will have a product that is just right for you.


Operators increase revenues when switching to CPI due to higher acceptance, low maintenance, and low jam rates.

Our Partners

Who we love working with, and what makes us grow!