Epic Edge® Your old printer technology just got Edged out

Featuring an unmatched 300 DPI print quality, a high-speed firmware uploading solution and a single interface board for all games, there is no question about it. Have an “Edge” over the rest with the most innovated printer on the market.

Ultra-ReliableThe Epic Edge is built on the reliability of the Epic 950, which is so dependable that less than .03 percent of casinos have reported any sort of failure with the printer during the initial warranty period. We expect that number to decrease even more with the “Edge.”

Built with PurposeThe “Edge” is intricately designed with essential features from the Epic 950, the industry-award winning TITO printer.

Epic Edge ® Highlights

300 DPI

Speedy Firmware Uploading

One Printer for All Games

Eco-friendly Tickets

Patented Jam Free Bezel

High Speed Connection


Chassis Rails

Hot Swappable

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Epic 430® Thermal Self-Service Printer

The Epic 430® was created expressly for the customer self-service gaming market and features a modular design that can be configured as game space permits.

For gaming-type machines found in non-casino environments, the Epic 430® is ideal. Currently it’s trusted worldwide in applications like Amusements with Prizes (AWP), Skills with Prizes (SWP), Video Lottery Terminals (VLT), Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT), Pachinko machines in Japan, and other gaming-type machines.

Epic 430® Highlights

Speedy 6 inches (152mm) per second on roll paper

Modular design for easy integration

Straight paper path and easy opening for fast paper loading

Standard interfaces include RS-232 and USB

Standard sensors: Black Mark, Ticket-Out, Cover Open, Jam Detect

Optional TicketBurst eliminates player interference by completely printing and bursting the ticket before presenting it

6.2″W x 11.8″D x 5.3″H

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Epic 880® Thermal Roll Receipt Printer

Powerful things come in small packages. The Epic 880® thermal roll receipt printer is conveniently compact, yet loaded with big-time features and functionality, like a hefty 8MB of RAM. Fact is, when game or kiosk real estate is limited, the easy-open Epic 880® never is — it can be configured to any available space, thanks to its clever modular design.

Epic 880® Highlights

  1. Ideal for Amusement with Prizes (AWP), Skills with Prizes (SWP), Video Lottery Terminals (VLT), Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT), Pachinko machines in Japan, and other gaming-type machines around the world
  2. Reliable, 6 ips monochromatic printing
  3. Built-in Ticket Retract capability – if a player doesn’t take the ticket
  4. Variable-length tickets from 2.5 to 10 inches
  5. Standard RS-232 serial and USB interfaces
  6. Variable-position spindle to fit any configuration
  7. Standard sensors – Paper Out, Jam Detect, Cover Open, Top of Form, Paper Low, Ticket Taken, Retract
  8. Choice of 4-inch and 6-inch diameter paper rolls
  9. 4.8″W x 6.06″D x 3.48″H, without paper roll
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